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Jason Jiangnan Zheng

Jason Zheng
M & A 


My Story

Early Career
Location: China

Jason's career began as the Vice President of Dongbai Group (600693.SS), a publicly listed shopping mall company in China. During his tenure, He acquired extensive experience and skills, particularly in the restaurant chain business. Collaborating with major brands such as KFC, McDonald's, and Papa John's Pizza within the company's malls provided him with valuable insights and expertise in this sector.

CEO of DC Nice Car
Location: U.S.

Jason moved to the U.S. in 2015, entering a new world where he had to learn everything from scratch and reshape his skills. He was appointed CEO of DC Nice Car Inc., a used car dealership in New York City. During his tenure, he successfully developed multiple stores, builded our multicultural team, and increased remarkable sales by 315%. His success rate of development was 100%, and he also a NYS DMV certificate partner.

Food Franchise Business
For Future

Reflecting on his experience, skills, relationships, and future opportunities between China and the U.S., along with his personal interests, Jason decided to make a significant move in 2022. He acquired an emerging Chinese restaurant brand, Sing Choi Kee, which already has 22 stores in China, and brought it to the U.S.


"It definitely will have another big player in the Chinese Food category."

The American people love Chinese food, but we are all tired of the old-school Chinese restaurant offerings.

My theory for the restaurant business is straightforward.

For decades, McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King have been competing fiercely. More recently, new contenders like Chick-fil-A, Shake Shack, and In-N-Out Burger have joined this burger battle. This pattern repeats across various food categories—whether it's burgers, pizza, or sandwiches—each has multiple major players.

However, in the realm of Chinese food, there's only one dominant player: Panda Express, a billion-dollar company. This presents a unique opportunity in the Chinese food segment that has yet to see the same level of competitive diversity as other food categories. It's only a matter of time before another major player emerges in the Chinese food category.

I hope to be the next big player with my brand.


I am eager to collaborate with the great shopping mall teams to build the new generation of authentic Chinese food restaurants. Additionally, I am seeking capital investments in the restaurant business to turn this vision into reality together.

Service to Chinese restaurant entrepreneur 

EB-5 immigrant investor program
U.S. Market developer 
U.S. Market consultant
Family office

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