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$300 Hourly Rate

  • Development and Construction: From concept to completion, Rice Noodles Inc. offers comprehensive development and construction services specifically tailored for hospitality businesses. Our team collaborates closely with clients to create culturally authentic and visually appealing restaurant designs, oversee permit acquisition, manage construction projects, and ensure adherence to quality standards, timelines, and budgets.

  • Management and Consulting: CHBEC provides comprehensive management and consulting services to support ongoing operations of the hospitality business. Our experienced professionals offer strategic guidance on menu development, cultural adaptation, marketing strategies, staffing, customer experience, and financial management. Leveraging our knowledge of Asian culinary traditions, we help clients create exceptional dining experiences that resonate with both Asian and American customers.

  • Visa Services for Exceptional Chinese Culinary Talents to the United States: Our services encompass the entire visa application process, from initial consultation to visa issuance. We have a deep understanding of the specific requirements and qualifications necessary to secure visas for exceptional culinary professionals, including chefs, restaurant managers, sommeliers, and other key personnel.

Consultant Service

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