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Deep-fry, boil, sear, and much, much more with ease and precision with the Rational iVario Pro 2-S 13 gallon 2 pan electric tilt skillet! Not only will you save on space by replacing several appliances with this extremely dynamic piece of equipment, you'll also save on time as well as energy. The iVarioBoost feature is a heating technology that utilizes ceramic elements attached to the pan base. The pan base is heat-conductive and will heat up evenly to 392 degrees Fahrenheit in only 3 minutes, greatly reducing potential down time associated with standard appliances. It also has enough reserve power to quickly compensate for temperature changes as food or liquid are added.

There is no need for constant monitoring during the cooking process, as the iCookingSuite uses intelligent sensors in the pan base that detect piece sizes, food condition, and load quantities. This allows the skillet to adjust settings on the fly to achieve the ideal end product according to the chef's preferences. With iZoneControl you can turn your skillet into 4 smaller skillets, each individually controlled. Each zone can be operated at different temperatures and cooking paths, so you can make several different dishes at once. If a zone is not in use, it will not be heated, saving energy. iZoneControl even suggests which zones would be ideal for certain dishes.

A core temperature probe has 6 measuring points and can be inserted into the food so the perfect doneness is achieved every time. It also has automatic error correction just in case there is an incorrect reading. Automatic water filling saves you the time of manually having to fill the skillet and is accurate to the exact quart. When it comes time to clean out the skillet, an integrated hand shower makes the task a breeze. It has both spray and jet modes, and includes automatic retraction so it is out of the way when not in use. An all stainless steel interior and exterior construction make this unit easy to clean and corrosion resistant. A 480V electrical connection is required for operation of this unit.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 43"
Depth: 30"
Height (with closed lid): 19 1/8"
Height (with open lid): 49"

Rational iVario Pro 2-S 13 Gallon 2 Pan Electric Tilt Skillet - 480V

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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